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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weeding .... again

Now that most of my plants are in, its time to turn my attention to the weeds. Although technically the foxgloves are weeds they are too pretty to get rid of, I imagine the birds have dropped the seeds for me and this being their second year they are flowering beautifully. When the big clump at the bottom of the picture has died back I will dig it up and move it but at the moment I am enjoying them.

I only had an hour to spend at the plot last night and made a start at the side of the brassicas. I can only be general and call them brassicas as I am unsure if they are cauliflowers or white sprouting brocoli, the purple sprouting brocoli has been and gone so I can rule that out but even though I have been peering at the heart of the plants there is no sign of anything. I am not desperate for this patch of land so I will leave them until the end of August and if there is still no action they will have to come out - they have been in since before Christmas so its only fair to presume they should have produce something by now !

It was only a small bit of clearance as I mentioned I only had an hour but it has been well dug and checked for weed roots so should be OK.

Anyway a little and often is a better than standing around bewildered as to where to start as I did last year !!


At 9:49 pm, Blogger chaiselongue said...

Just thought I'd say hello. I've escaped from gardening in Wales, but still feel enough hiraeth to follow your allotment! And I think we're having more rain than you are at the moment here in the Languedoc. All the best!

At 6:48 am, Anonymous H said...

Hello, I've tagged you at Courgettes and Fennel! Would you mind blogging six random things about yourself?

At 10:06 pm, Blogger Matron said...

It is that time of year when the weeds just take over! I don't know where to start - perhaps I could leave them and call them 'groundcover'?

At 8:15 am, Blogger Matron said...

There are just so many weeds around at the moment, I don't know where to start.


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