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Friday, June 06, 2008

Sweetcorn and pumpkins

As mentioned previously this was going to be an emergency spot for my remaining potatoes, but when I checked them over they had been waiting to long and gone rotton, so that idea was scrapped.

I had already turned over most of the section but when I was away my Dad squared it off me and it was ready to go.

I dug it over again to loosen it up raked it out as level as possible on a Welsh hillside and laid out the sweetcorn and pumpkins for planting. Sweetcorn needs to be grown in a grid formation as oppossed to rows as it is pollinated by the wind.

I managed to cope without the aid of string or a safety net and got kind of straight rows ! I am not sure how sucessful the pumpkins will be as they are saved seed from a pumpkin I bought from a farm in Somerset they could be F1's and may not come true but we will see. To be on the safe side and to ensure my girl gets a pumpkin for Halloween I have planted six Atlantic Giant seeds and the plants they have already turned into are quite scary - thay are huge, one is being planted in the compost bin and the rest I will plant on the edges of the plot so they can ramble along the paths.

Whilst I was out shopping for pea net I came across a product that is alleged to be safe for pets and children will kill slugs and then you can dig it in and it will help condition the soil - sounds a bit too good to be true to me but we will see.


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