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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bank Holiday sunshine

I have spent a marvelous weekend away with my family, we all enjoyed ourselves in Cei Neuadd, West Wales and we are looking forward to going back across at the end of the month.

Saturday was quite a mild day with a bit of sun - mild enough for my daughter to paddle in the sea with her wellies and a t-shirt. Nevermind that her wellies kept filling up with each wave that came in and the fact that her legs were pink with cold she had a whale of a time ! -the dog enjoyed himself as well !! He'd going really well for fourteen and reverted to a puppy when he got to the sea.

Back to reality, this piece of ground is taking for ever to clear, it feels like I am doing the same piece over and over again without actually getting anywhere. My seedlings have turned into plants back at home and I am eager to get them in the ground but I am not quite ready yet, nevermind a couple more feet of land and I should be there.

I thought it was about time that the dahlias should have made a show by now, but the grass is so thick you can't see a thing. I started to dig one out, the grass was so matted I wasn't sure what to do, not only was there the thick couch roots but a complete felted mat of hair fine roots. I eventually found the tubers, huge and in great condition but not looking ready to grow so I weeded the area as best as I could and replanted them.

I have decided that each time I go I will clear one more dahlia and after a few more visits that bottom end of the plot should be coming under control.

I'm getting ready for another visit this evening, its a bit hot for digging today, so I will wait until after dinner when the family are home from work and school and disappear for a few hours !


At 6:45 pm, Blogger James Dougan said...

Keep at it! I'm still trying to clear part of my plot, all the offers of help never materialised, but with a pair of gloves and a spade I'm getting there.
I'm finding everything is just so slow in growing (apart from the weeds) this year but this warm weekend seems to be speeding things up.
Got to go got 50m of fence to paint.

At 7:22 am, Blogger Eddie 2-Sox said...

Aw I know EXACTLY how you feel about the stretch that's taking forever to get ready, I'm stuck on a similar bit at the moment too. Grrrrrr.......

p.s. Do you mind if I add your allotment blog link on my blog?


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