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Friday, October 20, 2006

Compost Bin

We have created a compost bin with items found on the plot, the wire surround was hidden in a pile of bramble and the corner stakes were also hidden amongst the undergrowth on the plot. I am now keeping my eyes open for some large pieces of cardboard to line the sides to help keep the heat in to aid the composting process. I have collected seven black bags worth of stuff including grass clippings, my annual bedding plants, leaves from my virginia creeper but they appear lost inside this creation, so I had a brain wave whilst out shoppng the other day, I have florist not too far from me so I called in and I have arranged to collect some of their green waste on a weekly basis to add to the heap. Whilst on this thread I also decided to ask my local green grocer if I can have the grotty fruit and veg theythrow away to add to the heap this should ensure a good mix of matter to create a nice compost ready for Feb/Mar planting. I also need to collect some activator from the pigeon man who keeps his birds next to the allotment, a bucket or so should be enough to get things going.


At 4:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hubby has helped my compost by cough cough, peeing in it...:)

At 7:35 am, Anonymous Steph in Roker said...

I love your compsot bin.. I may be weird but I find the whole composting thing very satisfying. I also love viewing other peoples compost bins. Well done you eco-angel you.

At 8:41 am, Blogger Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Wendy, I did consider collecting the wee from my daughters potty and putting it in a bottle to take to the allotment but I decided that it was a bit extreme, hence plumping for pigeon poo instead !!!

At 7:54 pm, Blogger RobD said...

I'm afraid you need a man to wee on your compost - aparently something to do with the oestrogens with female wee. Will you be asking your Dad for help with this one, or maybe a request too far...? ;>)

Still putting the rest of us to shame with the speed you're turning that allotment round in. Keep it up,


At 12:17 pm, Anonymous Greenfingers said...

Fantastic work, we started our allotment on 9th September 2006. The hedges were about 35 feet high and the plot was covered in brambles, nettles and thistles. To date we have just about finished cutting down and burning the hedges and all the brambles etc have been cut back. Unfortunately we then had a period of wet weather and the cleared ground now looks more like a field. I intend to get some more work done this weekend if it is fine, as it is now too dark after I finish work for us to get there.

At 11:11 am, Blogger Melanie Rimmer said...

Sounds brilliant, I love that it's all free and recycled. Should add lots of good nutrients to your soil next season, too.

At 2:06 am, Anonymous cynthia in california said...

i love your enthusiasm and hope that your garden will bring you many happy returns of the new year.

have you heard the organic news that rototilling really isn't good for the soil? -seems that plant roots and critters need the bumps and lumps to crawl around in. since your garden fairy thoroughly tilled yours once, you can just use a shovel from now on.

wouold you mention a bit more about your area and your gardening seasons, for us gardeners in other countries?


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