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Thursday, May 03, 2007

More of the Genies wisdom

The only edible part of the rhubarb are the pretty pink stalks, the leaves are highly poisionous. So what to do with these huge flappy creations, you could of course just throw them on he compost heap or you could make better use of them -put some rhubarb leaves into a drum of water and leave to ferment. Use when puddling in any brassica plants to alleviate Club Root. It can also be used as a general foliage feed with the added benefit that it will keep aphids at bay.
Warning it smells obnoxious! also ensure that you wash your hands carefully after just in case.

Also prolific at this time of year are nettles, these have a number of use in the kitchen but you can also use them for the benefit of your plants.Fill an old onion sack with nettles, soak these in a drum of water. Put some of the solution into a watering can and dilute to the colour of weak tea and use as a general foliage feed.
Don’t be tempted to have it too strong, if it is too strong it can burn leaves,so stick to a dilution of a nice pale colour.


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