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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home Brew - Beer this time

On Sunday we bottled our first attempt at home brewed wine, sorry no pics as it was a bit frantic, with possibly more wine on the floor and in sampling glasses than actually made it into the bottles! Note to self find a funnel for next time !

I gave a bottle to my mother for mothers day and even she agreed it was nice and this from somebody who has been homebrewing since I was a small child so she knows a thing or to !

Whilst it was produced from a kit, so realistically not to much could have gone wrong I was still very proud of my first attempt and we have waltzed our way thorough a bottle by Tuesday ! Considering we both hate wine this is remarkable for us.

So thrilled were we at our sucess with the wine we decided to branch out into beer, it is so simple I can't see why more people don't try it. The recipe required 2 gallons of hot water, disolve 3lb of sugar and the contents of bag A, top up with cold water to the 5 gallons mark add hop extract sachet, remove a small glass of the liquid and disolve the yeast into it, put that back into the barrel, swish it all around put on the lid and keep it 65 - 75 degrees to ensure fermentation takes place.

Husband was in charge of the swishing, once satisfied that the swishing has mixed all the ingrediants put the lid on, abandon it for 8 - 10 days and then it will need siphoning off into a barrell - hey presto 40 pints of home brew - I just hope we haven't got to cocky with the wine and this turns out to be a disaster ! I will keep you posted !


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