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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I have learnt something new today ..

On my way to Lidl's this morning (more on that story later!) I saw this fluttering in the breeze outside somebodies home.

I have never seen this flag before and was curious - its St David's Day today so where is the dragon I thought. I decided to use the internet to search it and find out what it represented. It turns out that it is the flag of St David himself and has been recently incoporated into the emblem of the mighty Cardiff City FC. After doing a bit more research it would appear that the flag came into use around the turn of the last century and was used by the Anglican church in Wales to fly atop of the churches although there are also links to Lampeter University using the colours in the 1800's and some say that it goes back many hundreds of years. However myself and I would imagine most of the people in Wales are very much in love with our traditional dragon


At 12:04 pm, Blogger Kayle Garkut said...

Excellent spotting there of St. Davids flag!


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