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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wine Making

As usual blogger is playing silly buggers with the order in which my photos appear so they are actually in the reverse order that I want them to be so bear with me as the process will now seem backwards !

After following up a recent offer on Freecycle for 12 demi-johns my first wine is on the go. I chose a kit for my first attempt so that hopefull it couldn't go wrong - time will tell ! Yesterday we were ready for the racking stage, not a s painfull as it sounds it merely translates as decanting the wine from one demi-john to another whilst leaving the muddy scuzzy stuff behind in the original jar

The first photo shows the final stage one demi-john with scuzz remianing and one with my wine
The second photo shows the wine being decanted from one jar to another, I had a sneaky taste to get the flow going through the siphoning pipe(thanks for a lend mam!) and it is actually quite nice! - it also highlights how messy my kitchen is - please try to ignore and concentrate on the demi-johns !!

...and this photo show the first stage, which the wine has reached after about 2 1/2 weeks of plopping away, please ignore close up of mess on the work top !!
So the wine has been racked and is now going through a three day stage after which I need to add more chemicals and allow to mature, I haven't looked into all the chemicals I am adding to this wine but I think for my next attempt I will follow a recipe and use a more natural approach.


At 6:12 pm, Blogger Sal @ The Witch Path said...

cor...looking good! well done you!

At 5:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Making wine looks hard - our next door neighbour has about 20 apple trees and the amount of apples he had last year made me think I may make cider this year - has the wine making been okay....should I try cider? I have loads of elderberrys in my garden...I may even give that a bash.

p.s(I'm new to blogging...please check out my site http://coffeeandapplepie.wordpress.com)
Cheers cat x

At 12:20 pm, Blogger Angel Way said...

Are they chocolate rice crispie cakes I see in the background. I used to love those.


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