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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tagged by Mr Toad !

Way back in January I was tagged by www.mrtoadsplot.blogspot.com As it seems most of blogland has already been 'done' most will know what this entails, reveal five pieces of information about yourself and further tag five other blogs, I didn't want to tag people who had already been done so I have thought long and hard about what you tell you and who to tag so here we go

Firstly many thanks to my mam for scanning all these ancient photos for me

1. Child labour was fully in force in South Wales in the 1970's although girls were not allowed down the pit to work there was no law against them hindering their Dad's whilst bringing the coal in!!
Can you believe that just thirty years ago coal was still being delivered/dumped in peoples back lanes for the householder to bucket into the shed themselves, luckily there were not so many cars around and the only reason for a car to come down our lane was if you lived there, now there are traffic bumps postioned as it is a favoured rat run to miss the traffic lights.

2. Huge rabbits were seen roaming across the valley's in the seventies, I have it on good authority from my parents that I am about three in this picture - so these rabbits are big!!. We used to keep them to eat, it was my fathers job to do the 'dispatching' but I never saw them as pets they were dinner - by the way dig my funky trousers ! lol
3. My parents have always grown their own - here is my mother circa early seventies planting 'something' !!
3. As a small child hindering/helping my Dad was one of my top priorities, gardening has always been in my blood it has just been repressed until I had a child myself !( by the way my mother must have lots of that purple wool as there is another cardi)

4. More evidence of the early influence of my parents grow your own spirit behind the beautiful little girl ! you can definately see onions,lettuce and in the background our 'greenhouse which always had tomatoes in the summer

And now the people I shall tag back, first and foremost is my mother -( nepotism alive and well)
she has set up a blog detailing the development of a bypass, [no no slap self on wrist it is a relief road] around Bargoed, she has got some fabulous photos detailing the colliery when it was active, its dismantling, reclaimation and now new destruction( in my opinion) to build a road to bypass 1/4 of mile of town any way take a look www.angel-way-the-bargoed-by-pass.blogspot.com

2. www.a-plot-too-far.blogspot.com - RobD and his family are making a similar journey to me and mine with our allotments - check out his tee-pee and play area for his children - well cool !

3. www.favoriteapron.blogspot.com, I have tagged this lady as she gives a fascinating glimspe into life in the Mid West in the USA, she was the first international visitor to my blog who left a comment, she runs a few blogs and although I haven't checked out the others this one is fascinating - think we are having trouble with the snow just go and see what she is putting up with at the moment !

4. www.thewitchpath.blogspot.com this blog is utterly amazing, there is so much information on paganism here it is mind boggling and must have taken ages to set up, I have been interested in Paganism for some time and I feel this lady has 'found me' to give the information I have been looking for - in reality she clicked on the link to my blog on the Self Sufficientish site and left a comment but it came at such a perfect time for me that it seems just the right time in my life to learn something new.

So there we are, its supposed to be five things and five blogs but you getting four - I like to be different - all the blogs I like are in my links catagory anyway with more being added when I pull my finger out - its a hard job all this html >
P.S. Back to gardening matters soon as lot of seeds have been planted potatoes are chitting and yes Dad I will hoe my onions when the snow lifts - honestly !!


At 10:59 am, Blogger Sal @ The Witch Path said...

Thanks for the tag! I will do the same later this afternoon, pick 5 blogs I like yeah? I will carry on the cycle - and thanks again, much appreciated! I will keep coming back as I check your blog daily anyway :) All the best to you hon!

At 2:24 pm, Anonymous wendy said...

Oh, your from Bargoed.! My Grandparents were from Mountain Ash. Hmm Penrhiwceiber really.. I spent all my school holidays there,like a seconed home too me!
Off too check out your mums site now!

At 4:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.
Your baby photos are absolutely precious and adorable.

Not much gardening here now. I'm about to start some heirloom tomato seeds, as soon as my bag of potting soil thaws out from being left in the back of the car . . .

At 3:36 pm, Blogger James Lucas said...


I am trying to get in contact regarding setting up a link but can't find your email address anywhere on this site. Please could you drop me an email at searchlaboratory *at inbox.com

Sorry this isn't a proper comment- please feel free to delete it.

Many thanks,


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