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Hello World,(a bit ambitious as only my mam knows I am here yet !) This is my blog detailing my quest for an allotment, its cultivation and hopefully bountiful crops. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY A HELLO !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Red Currants and Black Currants

During my recent orgy of buying at Lidl's I purchased a red currant,black currant and a raspberry all of the bargain price of 99p each. The red and black currant took off to the sky climbing out of their boxes so I decided to get them into the ground, severe frost and possibly snow have been forecast so with this in mind and with worry for their tender new growth .....

.... I cwtched them up with a bit of fleece hopefully this should protect them from the worst that mother nature can do - spot the horse coming for a site inspection !


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