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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Plot pics and potato bed

A nice pic the length of the two plots and if you peer closely you will see the Genie changing his boots ready to go home ! There are loads of other non soil related jobs to do that are beginning to annoy me, but the priority is to get the soil ready for planting.

I want to refurbish the metal bench, I need to tidy up the area by the container as there is a load of wood and branches squidged there and I want to clear that area for a patio and flowers !! I also need to sort the path out at the edge of the plot by the horses field and aim to clear it and dress with about 6 inches of sawdust.

In the foreground of the above picture and better below you can see the area prepared ready for the potatoes. Variety wise we have Home Guard, Saxon, Sante, Nicola, Golden Wonder raring to get in the soil and do their stuff. The furrows were made by the rotivator and the black row markers by the path edge are the indicators for spacing the rows tubers


At 10:45 am, Anonymous Stonehead said...

Rotovators do make it easy, though. Ours couldn't break through the hard pan so we had to dig our potato field with hoes, mattocks and crowbars, then earthed up with hoes.

We put in 22 100-metre rows of potatoes - that's 1.36 miles!! After that, we put in 600 onion sets, hand-drilled 86m of mangels, and there are still several hundred bean and pea plants to propagate ad plant out into the bean field.

Then there's the vege patch itself.

I strongly suspect we're completely bonkers, but it's always great to find that we're not alone...

Oh, and I just had a good chuckle about the word verification that's needed before posting. Appropriately, it reads "ewrnut" - you are nut!!!!! :D


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