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Hello World,(a bit ambitious as only my mam knows I am here yet !) This is my blog detailing my quest for an allotment, its cultivation and hopefully bountiful crops. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY A HELLO !!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Foot prints !

I had to replant some onions that the birds had decided to pull up and the soil was the wet that in the time it took to shove half a dozen onions back in the soil I had sunk! Granted I am a chunky monkey but even so the soil is that saturated the sand has risen to the top and it is like quick sand. I thought afterwards that maybe I should have got a fork from the shed and tried to turn the ground over a bit where I had compacted it, but I think I would have made it worse bywalking on it even more.


At 12:45 pm, Anonymous wendy said...

Looks a bit like mine at the moment. Get yourself a piece of wood if you have to stand on it, that will help to stop it compacting


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