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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rain rain and a bit of work

Saturday morning was dry, Saturday afternoon however was a different kettle of fish all together - it chucked it down but I had promised myself that I would get down the plot and I had put it off for so many weeks - and I had promised you all that I would go so I felt duty bound to go.

So, a t-shirt a shirt a jumper and a wet proof later I made my way to the allotment, at least it hadn't deterioted further - the lack of light and cold snap had seen off things on the official growing list - dahlias, cherokee beans and courgettes but had at least kept the grass in check...a bit.

My amazing wigwam had to come down ...

... and the supports for the long gone tomatoes - pretty balls and all ! and the grotty dahlias that you can see at the bottom to the right of the wigwam
I took this picture as the plot looks slightly better from this angle

Hmmm I think the strawberry bed needs serious work

Vague attempt at damage control, this tarpaulin looked huge at home - barely covers anything at the plot ! I have a fancy it may not be dense enough to kill the grass but it may help a little.

I was getting very wet and miserable and decided that the tarpaulin would be the last job, whilst I was looking for weights to hold it down I spotted a bucket of water when I picked it up I noticed that the surface was frozen - it was at this point I decided home was a better place to be !
Rain, freezing conditions digging with my fingers to raise some carrots as I forgot hand tools - silly way to spend a Saturday !!


At 9:32 pm, Anonymous Soilman said...

Well done, you got some great work done there! Don't stop!!

At 8:22 am, Blogger RobD said...

Nice to see you 'back'! Not a lot of fun at this time of year is it, but at least the exercise is good...

At 8:40 am, Blogger Matron said...

What spectacular views you have from your allotment! take a thermos and just take 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy it. Keep going, it will be worth it next year when you are eating the result of your labour.

At 6:48 am, Blogger blueblue said...

Good on you for braving the weather. Never mind about the groundsheet not being as big as you wanted, it's a start...one less patch to weed and that'll save hours of work : )

At 8:07 am, Blogger dND said...

Just found your blog, wow you done a lot in one year. An overgrown allotment like yours was is not an easy thing to tame especially if there are still others overgrown around it.

Remember the saying, One year's seeds, seven year's weeds!

It's doubly difficult when the plot is not on your doorstep, you can't just nip out when the weathers fine and do a few minutes weeding.

Good luck for 2008, it should be a bit easier on the allotment than last year.


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