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Hello World,(a bit ambitious as only my mam knows I am here yet !) This is my blog detailing my quest for an allotment, its cultivation and hopefully bountiful crops. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY A HELLO !!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Potatoes for Christmas

A few weeks ago I bought some seed potatoes from the indoor market in Newport, I have just got around to planting them up last week but haven't had chance to post. I bought a few plastic buckets at a car boot sale and my daughter was in charge of filling the buckets up - she didn't fancy touching the potatoes as the sprouts had grown quite spindly so I placed them in the buckets and she covered them up - whilst wearing her uniform and sparkling white socks and no shoes grrrr ! She is in charge of checking them every day with the instructions that as soon as she sees any growth she has to cover them ! I am doubtful that we will get any potatoes for Christmas dinner but we can try !!

I have also manged to finish digging the onion bed over, its still hurts to dig but not as much as before so with plenty of stops I got it done - just the rest of the plot left !!

More midnight gardening as you can see from the photo, I will have to take some daytime photos !!


At 7:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you get your pototoes for Christmas even if they are only little baby ones. :)
My little ones like to take off their shoes constantly as well and will come in with dirty stockings! Kids! :)
Happy gardening!

At 8:22 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Thanks! you reminded me that I was also going to plant some new potatoes for Christmas. May just be ready in time. I do mine in a black bag in the greenhouse.

At 11:22 am, Blogger Melanie Rimmer said...

I'm glad it's not just my kids who do the sock thing.

At 12:41 pm, Blogger dee said...

I planted mine (10) at the begining of sept..three haven’t shown so far..
I cant hang around once it gets dark as it really spooks me, the slightest noise and im running towards the gate :)

At 11:35 pm, Blogger xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

I also recently planted some potatoes, but they had leaves forming on the seed potatoes already. Didn't cover all up - should I have? First time growing grown up potatoes (as opposed to SS play growing), so here's to hoping for some for x-mas. I should build the polytunnel to keep them warm though..

At 11:12 am, Anonymous Stonehead said...

Just wondering if all is well with you as I haven't seen a post for a while - hopefully you're just too busy to post!

At 9:27 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Hope your injuries are settling down......
Looking forward to seeing your posts resume.

At 10:45 pm, Blogger H and N allotment said...

A while ago you left an encouraging comment on my blog about keeping on at the council until I got an allotment - well, I took your advice and after some gentle badgering, an allotment is mine and its all I hoped for and more. I'm feeling very stiff today after serious digging activity, but happy nonetheless. Thank you for your encouragement. Good luck with the potatoes. I'm very interested in the great raised bed project. I think I'm a raised bed fan as well.


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