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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After much deliberation we decided to go abroad on holiday, we chose Turkey and we had a fabulous time. The sky was blue, the sea was warm, the temperature was a bit silly pushing 40 degrees most days but we had a brilliant time together as a family.

I haven't flown for five years so for those of you panicking about the Welsh Girls carbon footprint I am sure this should still make us better than most !

The beaches at Olu Deniz are pebbly but still its a fab place to have your holiday !

Here you can see my just turned 4 year old stomping off to the sea on her her own because daddy was 'boooring' for wanting to sit down and have a rest ! She learnt to swim in three days and our belt and braces approach to floatation was reduced to just arm bands on the second day ! I have always hated swimming pools and have never learnt to swim so I was exceptionally proud to see her whizzing across the pool and bobbing in the sea - my little mermaid !


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