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Monday, July 30, 2007

Stop Whining !!

After the last post, full of woe is me and isn't every terrible, I had a long hard think, my home is safe and dry, my family are safe and well and my plot hasn't been flooded - rotton cauliflowers, blight on the potatoes, non existent peas and lack lustre everything else is nothing compared to what a large portion of the country is suffering at the moment, so in the words of my three year old 'Stop whining mam' - don't you just love it when they throw your catch phrases back at you !

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week both days were dreadful but the evenings were dry and pleasant so I went down to the plot to make a start on the Operation Weed Removal.

It was hard to decide where to begin - it all looks pretty dreadful at the moment, however the purple cabbage and sprouts and green sprouts and the dead peas won the prize for looking the worst so it was there that I attacked first.

From this ....

To this

The next evenings work entailed deciding which of the rows of potatoes looked the most dead and then digging them up and weeding the rest - I was under the impression that the top growth of the potatoes would shade out the weeds - oh no it didn't - the weeds grew like plants possessed - anyway an hours work saw the potato bed go from this ...

To this ..

I am getting a strange satisfaction from seeing freshly dug, plant free soil - it seems to show real effort to me ! Two evenings work have made a big difference to the plot and I am quite please that four hours weeding and digging have almost licked this plot into shape

The row of potatoes on the right of the photograph are so far standing up well - no illness to report of so they are staying put, the next trip - hopefully tomorrow night - will see me sorting out the row next to the compost bin and the edge of the path - this row seems to be suffering from illness and weeds so it will be the next to see action, after that the weedy path between the purple foliage and the freshly dug potato bed and then the onions - and then Operation Weed Removal really gets into full swing on 'the other plot' !


I think the rotton cauliflowers and the almost overgrown rhubarb win first prize for being in desperate need of rescuing - so they will be the first to be helped !!


At 10:12 pm, Blogger Wimblejigs said...

Hey, well done you for getting up there and getting something done. It is dispiriting when the weather has been so bad, and yet as you say, others have been so badly affected it seems ungrateful to moan. I said the same in my blog some weeks back... And now the weather is glorious, and I've got a terrible cold and am only able to eat, sleep and go to work, and nothing in between. Cue more moaning...

At 8:10 pm, Blogger jynxyjoe said...

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At 8:55 pm, Blogger jynxyjoe said...

most inspiring, ive just decided to do a garden plot after looking at yours so thanks please check me out 'jynxs garden plot' any help would be apreciated and keep up the hard work

take care joe.

At 9:49 pm, Blogger TheGrowGirls said...

i know what you mean! there is nothing like seeing the ground after pulling up those pesky weeds. good luck with the other plot!!!
dont suppose u have any ideas about what to do with marrows? x

At 7:58 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

well done that weeder!!
dont you just feel so pleased!!

At 8:34 am, Blogger She Who Digs said...

I can totally relate to how it makes you feel when the slugs and rain take over, along with the weeds! I too have a strange liking for freshly dug weed free bare soil, so you are not alone. (or mad!) Now we've had some sunshine things have started to pick up on my plot, so I hope it lifts your spirits too. Are you relatively new to this allotment lark- like me? Don't let it put you off- an old timer on my plot said that next year could be completely different! SWD


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