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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flowers on an allotment

Flowers on an allotment are a bit of a contentious issue, some love them, some say no way no how, its all about food,I am sure I have read somewhere that there is a set % of overall plants that are allowed to be non edible but of course I cannot find it when I need it. Take a look at this don't you think it looks a bit ..well .. green ? Granted this is preferable to brown and dead but I feel the need for some flowers, so on that basis we already have some dahlias installed courtesy of course of the Genie, I found a solitary gladioli bulb whilst weeding so that has been put with the dahalias. Today I have set 30 or so marigolds, as well as looking pretty I want the flowers to have a function marigolds are pungunt and are supposed to be excellent companion plants. I have also set about 10 sunflowers for a bit of interest and novelty factor for my daughter , I have read that they can be quite detrimental to other plants especially potatoes so I will have to careful where I plant them out. I have been trying to think of other flowers that I could plant for colour and function - any sugestions?


At 8:51 pm, Anonymous Doug Green said...

Petunia/nasturtium deter aphids
Larkspur/geraniums deter Japanese beetles and leafhoppers

Beside flowers feed our souls and that's as important as our bodies.

good luck

At 8:03 am, Blogger Wardy said...

Hi Bob!

Yeah you deffo need flowers gal! I used natty nasturtiums to lure the caterpillars away from my brassicas, those small marigolds in with the tomatoes, calendula look fantastic with red cabbages! Sunflowers and sweet peas with the climbing beans look lovely too.

At 1:18 pm, Blogger RobD said...

Do people still stick to that 'rule' about flowers? I've had tulips and daffs growing on mine already this year and plan on having nasturtiums, marigolds, sweetpeas and lavender at the very least. Of course I'm also growing loads of fruit and we're not allowed that either...

At 6:08 am, Blogger Yellow said...

Pickle the seed pods off nasturtiums, they taste similar to capers.
Actually, just grow what the heck you like. The only reason I can see anyone else on an allotment objecting to what you grow is if it's incredibly invasive & you don't keep it under control.
There are some plots on my sisters allotment with stacks of flowers, and I usually find myself making my way over to them. They are a joy to see.


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