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Hello World,(a bit ambitious as only my mam knows I am here yet !) This is my blog detailing my quest for an allotment, its cultivation and hopefully bountiful crops. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY A HELLO !!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A promise of things to come ...

After the flowers come the fruit, the rash of pretty white flowers are beginning to make way an even more beautiful sight - infant strawberries !
For some reason my photos are becoming unclear I am not sure what is going on qith the camera I have cleaned the lens - obvious, given it a shake - technical - but it is still playing up - any ideas ??


At 6:50 pm, Blogger Greenmantle said...

What make and model of camera is it Welshie? - It clearly isn't focussing properly. If it has a manual focus overide option/button I'd check it's not been set to manual by mistake.

If it is a smaller autofocus compact version though, then I guess the servo inside that moves the lens elements to focus is f****d (that's a technical term)
If so could well be repairable, but depends if cost outweighs worth.

At 6:58 pm, Blogger welsh girls allotment said...

Hee Hee we share the same technical terms - that was my appraisal as well ! It seems to be ok at distance shots but up close it can't seem to cope, I will dig the book out and start pressing buttons and see what happens !

At 8:05 am, Blogger Wardy said...

my camera does that Bob

It's when it's on auto so I zoom in a little bit and it seems to work ok then. Dunno why though

At 7:24 am, Anonymous Soilman said...

Hi Welsh girl
Could be that it ust doesn't like doing 'up close' pix without a special setting. Does your camera have a 'macro' setting? That should – unless, as greemantle suggests, it is f****d – put things right.

At 11:36 am, Blogger stevy6 said...

lo welshy
like he said above... but you could fake it an say they were ARTY pics....the second pic seems to of focused on the leaves at the bottom though...so unles the lens aint movin i suggest you clicked a setting in the menu somewere...


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