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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time to rescue my pitiful crops

The tomatoes were in desperate need of being rescued, they were getting crowded out by dying foliage, grass and weeds. Sunday morning was gorgous and as my little darling decided 6 O' clock was a good time to get up I pottered around did my house jobs and waited for my husband to crawl out of bed at 10 ( he had been out on the sauce all of the previous day at a biker do - but that's another story !) so, he was forced out of bed - I am not sure who was looking after who but my daughter seemed to keep things in order and I was able to get down the plot.

First the grass, which has now grown into a hedge had to be clipped and trampled down, then began the painstaking job of hand weeding. I prefer hand weeding as it feels like a sort of penance for not doing things properly and keeping on top of the weeds

There was also a lot of iffy looking foliage. I am a bit worried that the potato blight has started to affect the tomatoes so I gave the plants a haircut whilst I was there. They are a bush variety but I thought that thinning out the iffy branches would allow more air to circulate and if they are dieseased bits good riddance !

By the time I pondered and kicked a few tumps of grass it was about 10.30 and so after weeding - almost solidly - for two hours my husband and daughter came to collect me to take me to my mothers for Sunday dinner. For some reason best known to my mam we had a Christmas dinner - turkey, sausages wrapped in bacon - the full treatment - as it was the hottest day of year it was almost comical to see such a spread but I was so hungry it was a fabulous sight to behold - thanks mam for a dinner I was truly ready for !!!

Here's the finished result - it looks much neater in person - honest !! Still plenty to do though.


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