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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Save the onions

In amongst the weeds there are some onions trying to grow - so on Tuesday evening I thought it would be nice to give them just a fighting chance and very kindly weeded them.

After one and a half hours grovelling on my hands and knees, getting attacked by ants, midges and rogue brambles they now look like this.

Much better, there were a few casualties along the way but they came home with to use up as we need them. I seem to having trouble with my red onions - they just don't want to grow and most of them have gone to seed.
Luckily a conversation with my mother yielded some handy info - if an onion has gone to seed or even if it is trying and the stalk has gone quite hard you cannot store them as they will rot.
This will not be front page news for experianced gardeners but may be useful for newbies like me.


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