Welsh Girl's Allotment

Hello World,(a bit ambitious as only my mam knows I am here yet !) This is my blog detailing my quest for an allotment, its cultivation and hopefully bountiful crops. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY A HELLO !!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whoooo Hoooo ! Finally Finished

Its done, the last little bit was completed this afternoon and was I glad to see the back of it.

I started to potter around in the raspberry bed a bit of weeding and preparation for the new fruit canes to go in, but it was starting to go off a bit cold and to tell the truth I had had a fill of digging so I called it a day and went home and had a bath !!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The pictures are playing up, twisting themselves around and jumping out of order, so you have a higgledy piggledy post ... a bit like the plot I supposed !!

This were the new fruit canes are going...

Here are the said fruit canes - mega bargain from Aldi's - £2.3something for a three pack

... and this is the last little island that needs to be dug and I will have a complete plot ready to go whooo hoooo!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A full length picture of the plot, you can't quite how awful the other one looks but that's next weeks job!

.... I am brave I'll share it with you, long term readers will note it looks just as grassy as it did this time last year will I ever get it sorted properly - this is the year - I promise to myself !

I've made a start on the other half of the piece I was digging on the weekend, plodding along slowly but surely.

Just this bit left and a few dry days and Dad can come and rotivate it for me and it will look great .... until the weather warms up and the weeds leap into action !!

You can see the cheeky horses sticking their heads through a gap in the fence to eat the grass and weeds I've dumped down in the back end of the fence.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Voles ....again and lots of digging.

Last year I covered a large area of grass with a plastic sheet, partly to hide it and partly to kill it off. When I raised the sheet a few weeks ago I was alarmed to see a number holes and definate runs where small creatures had made themselves a nice little village.

The runs show up best on this photo, the impervious black sheet had obviously provided a nice dry sanctuary for them.

There were over a dozen holes and I was convinced something was going to run up my jeans, so I tucked them firmly into my socks before I started digging !!

I had a bit of a panic because my first thought was rats but upon checking the internet the trackways are indicitive of voles so I will have to keep an eye for them as they like seeds and young shoots - just what I need on an allotment !

I set to work with my jeans in my socks and turned this patch over ......

Just this bit to do tomorrow and plot 1 will be sorted !!!