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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Voles ....again and lots of digging.

Last year I covered a large area of grass with a plastic sheet, partly to hide it and partly to kill it off. When I raised the sheet a few weeks ago I was alarmed to see a number holes and definate runs where small creatures had made themselves a nice little village.

The runs show up best on this photo, the impervious black sheet had obviously provided a nice dry sanctuary for them.

There were over a dozen holes and I was convinced something was going to run up my jeans, so I tucked them firmly into my socks before I started digging !!

I had a bit of a panic because my first thought was rats but upon checking the internet the trackways are indicitive of voles so I will have to keep an eye for them as they like seeds and young shoots - just what I need on an allotment !

I set to work with my jeans in my socks and turned this patch over ......

Just this bit to do tomorrow and plot 1 will be sorted !!!


At 12:38 pm, Blogger Angel Way said...

Wow you really got on well there.
Didn't think you would be abvle to do anything with all this rain and snow we've had.
Keep at it Welsh Girl.

At 5:39 pm, Blogger The Gnome said...

Are voles not protected species Welsh Girl ? You will just have to sit back and let them play ! Or you could become the pied piper and lay a false trail of seed out of your plot !

At 10:23 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Ahh there is nothing more seductive than such a lovely patch of freshly dug soil. Hard work but Oh so rewarding!

At 11:43 pm, Blogger welsh girls allotment said...

Gnome , I don't know about them being protected but there was no sign of life when I was digging, I had lifted the plastic sheet about three weeks ago so I imagine that they vacated my plot and have set up residence elsewhere. I had them last year as well so they must be doing Ok. I also had a poke around some other plots and I can see tell tale holes and trackways so they are a hardy bunch and have moved onto someone else patch.

Matron - a part of me prefers a freshly dug plot to anything else it looks like a lot of hard work as been done !!!

At 8:27 pm, Blogger Woody Wilbury said...

"Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole".

Doesn't look as though you've got a plashy fen but I'm v impressed by the digging.

The Vole was an ahead-of-it's-time environmental magazine in the late 1970s, when I was a young vole a-questing through the plashy fen.


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