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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Big drum roll..... Ta Daaaa !! - Brambles - what Brambles ??

We have gone a bit mad and cleared a plot for my neighbour and have also chopped quite a bit out further up to make it safer for my neighbour to get around the edge of her plot - should she decide to take it on.

As I have arranged for and assisted in the major ground clearence I had the pick of the plots so I chose the plot by the fence - why you may ask I found raspberries and rhubarb trying their damndest to grow and at the back of my plot - from the bench back to the bramble was bagged down with heavy duty plastic and carpet - almost instant soil, the bloody brambles have managed to penetrate through in some parts but the back of the plot is going to be the easiest place to start and try and get turned over.

My Dad picked up the polthene and dragged it forward to the front of the plot and that can start to rot down, I have filled two of the builders sacks that you can see in the above photo with brambles and other crap.

Look at the lovely bare earth in the above photo, I am going back down tomorrow morning and I will finish clearing the loose stuff and try and dig out a few brambles, I will take my camera and if I achieve anything worthy I will post it tomorrow evening.


At 6:30 pm, Blogger RobD said...

You cheat ;>) Power tools and outside help? I'm so envious, but it's nice top see a bit of soil isn't it.

Unfortunately the serious work starts now, trying to remove the roots of those blackberries. Keep at it!


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