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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Goodbye Brambles !

Goodbye brambles !! Hello ground
I haven't posted anything for over a week as there hasn't been any action down at the plot, however at 10 am this morning that was all change.

We have have chopped, cut, strimmed, swore (lots) and sweated like beasts in the glorious September sun.

I am very lucky to have a friend who works with some serious ground clearance tools, hedge trimmers and strimmer and they cut through those pesky brambles like a hot knife through butter, I have taken plenty of photos just to show the scale of the task. It looke a bit scary before we started but as we got going the full magnitude of our quest become apparent I say we but my Dad, my friend Rees and my beloved husband (he who would like to be obeyed) have worked their butts off today and I am really grateful as I really could not have done it with out them, I was also hard at worked and found a metal bench, a microwave and a rusty former compost bin lurking amongst the brambles more to follow.


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